CNC milling plotter facilitates material processing through milling or cutting. Apart from cutting out different shapes from boards, the plotter can cut steps, recesses, grooves, blind and step drill holes and also more complex 3D spatial shapes. The use of an angular aggregate and a rotary attachment significantly expand the range of possibilities of the machine. This enables us to cut grooves, slots or holes on the edge of a detail and also to machine pipes. With the plotter we are able to mill solid and foam synthetics such as PMMA (plexiglass), PC (polycarbonate), PVC, PET (polyester), HIPS, ABS (polystyrene), HDPE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), layer composite boards (Dibond, HPL laminates), wood and wood materials (MDF boards, plywood) and even aluminium. CNC machines ensure the lowest production costs through optimal material usage and shortening of carrying-out time. It is possible because of machining preparation in CAD/CAM programmes, high operating speeds, the vacuum table eliminating the need for board chucking and also an intelligent control system that improves machine efficiency. Movable rotary tool magazine with automatic tool change adds up to shorter approach time. Digital control in combination with top quality drive unit and tools guarantees an unrivalled machining quality. Obtained elements are characterised by high size precision and shape repeatability. Our Polish-made Kimla cutting machine with working area of 4100x2100mm and auger with power of 9kW ensures our advantage over other companies on the market.


Milling allows for:

  • cutting elements in any shape,
  • shaping element edge,
  • making grooves and steps,
  • making blind and step drill holes
  • highly precise outwork
  • repeatability of shapes and sizes
  • high quality of edges without the need for finishing
  • high processing speeds
  • optimal material usage


Technical parameters:

  • working space: 4100 x 2100 x 400 mm;
  • auger rotation speed 24.000 revs/min;
  • operating speed up to 300 mm/s;
  • automatic tool change with rotary magazine;
  • accuracy: 0.1 mm



Sample projects