Laser cutting

The technology of laser cutting consists in local evaporation of material using an almost parallel beam of monochromatic light highly consistent in time and space and with a great power density. Molecular lasers CO2 are the most commonly used laser in cavity processing, especially, in the process of material cutting. Laser cutting of synthetics has revolutionised different branches of industry and especially advertising. Numerically controlled laser cutting machines allowed for a significant reduction of production costs and shortening of the time for carrying out jobs. It was possible mainly due to a simplified set-up procedure, no need for fastening material, high cutting speed, optimal usage of material and no need for finishing. Laser cutting ensures highly precise outwork and shape repeatability which is important for the products provided for industry, and a great deal of aesthetics which is of importance to advertising industry. Thanks to contactless processing it is possible to cut out even the smallest details while retaining accuracy. Due to a small diameter of the laser beam it is possible to produce internal corners with rounding radius near zero. In many cases laser cutting has replaced traditional methods for machining such as saw cutting or plotter milling. This method is especially useful in the case of processing of acrylic boards. Apart from high quality of edges and size and shape precision, laser cutting of plexiglass eliminates the need for edge polishing, which is the case in mechanical cutting where the edge is matt. The plexiglass edge cut with a laser is smooth, shining and transparent with no need to perform any additional operations. The limitless possibilities of shape cutting enable graphic and project designers to carry out even the most daring ideas. Letters, logotypes and patterns of plexiglass can take different shapes, and what is the most important shape complexity does not affect the price. With our American-made UNIVERSAL laser cutter with power of 150W we can cut 25mm thick plexiglass retaining high quality.


Laser cutting ensures:

  • that elements are obtained in any shape
  • highly precise outwork
  • repeatability of shapes and sizes
  • high quality of edges without the need for finishing
  • contactless processing so the material surface remains intact
  • rounding radius of internal corners near zero
  • high processing speeds
  • optimal material usage


Technical parameters:

  • working area 2050 x 1550 mm;
  • maximal material thickness: 25 mm*;
  • operating speed up to 100 mm/s*;
  • beam thickness: 0.3 mm;
  • accuracy: 0.1 mm


* - applies to PMMA
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