Thermal bending of synthetic materials is divided into three phases: the first - heating of the material along the bending line to a flexible state in which the material retains sufficient stresses required for maintaining even bending radius; the second - bending of the sheet to a desired angle; the third - keeping fixed in position until it cools down. The method for contactless heating of the material using hot wires is still the most effective one among current methods. The same amount of heat is produced along the bending line and it is possible to steplessly adjust heat field width, so that we can adapt it to material thickness and bending radius. Bendable materials: PMMA (plexiglass), PC (polycarbonate), PVC, PET (polyester), HIPS, ABS (polystyrene) HDPE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene). As the only company in Poland we have a British-made fully professional industrial CR Clarke bending machine for synthetics. It enables us to bend plexiglass even up to 25 mm without narrowing the material. We are able to perform up to four parallel bending procedures on one element at the same time. Due to double-side heating beams (up-down) bending can be done in the opposite direction, which is not possible in the case of one-side heating. Digital adjustment of the bending line distance from the edge and an automatic clamp keeping the material in position ensures high size precision of the element after bending. The knowledge and experience in material heating enable us to obtain precise and aesthetic bending.


Technical parameters:

  • bending length: 2050 mm;
  • maximal material thickness: 25 mm*;
  • up to 4 bending procedures at once ;
  • double-side heating;


* - applies to PMMA

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