About us

LASER CRAFT is on the market since 2007 and within a couple of years it became a leading manufacturer of synthetic material products. Our main area of operation is processing of synthetic material. Our company was the first to operate in services so our clients obtained an offer that is tailored to their needs. For the entire period of operation we have gained the trust of our clients with whom we build partnership relations on the market. We distinguish our regular clients with special cooperation conditions. We put stress on development that is why we constantly invest in the most modern technologies and top quality machine park enabling us to carry out the goals of our company. We search for new techniques and solutions to provide the best quality of our services. Constantly expanding range of our services makes our company more and more attractive to cooperate with us. Many years of experience enables us to carry out complex projects and to support our clients at the stage of their creation as regards construction and technology. Thanks to high production powers and automation of processing we can carry out jobs in a great series. Thanks to knowledge and qualified personnel we can carry out complex unitary projects. We carry out projects for building industry, advertising and other branches including lighting, refrigeration, food, and machine industry.


The chief value of our company is the quality of services and products we offer. Therefore, we do not accept compromises in this domain. We use proven material from renowned European producers. We build our machine park only on top quality devices. What is of key importance to us are the qualifications of our personnel, therefore, we provide best standards which makes us a distinguishable company among others. We know that what counts in business is the precision in size and shape, and in advertising and building industry originality and functionality. We realise that the success of our clients' projects depends on the quality of our services and products.


The profile of our services is a great challenge in terms of planning, logistics and activity coordination. All around the clock, we are trying to adapt our deadlines to the need of our clients so that production goes smoothly. We have a wide range of materials in our warehouse to achieve this goal and we improve and make optimal production process in order to use time effectively, which enables us to keep the deadlines short. We know that even perfectly carried out project can be useless if it does not meet the deadline.


Many years of experience and knowledge in the domain of synthetics their properties and processing methods enable us to select appropriate materials and solutions to achieve desired results. We always consider functionality, durability and the price of end product. We usually suggest optimal solutions which facilitate reduction of production costs, but sometimes we propose usage of more expensive materials or production methods if it improves the quality and life of a ready product.